African brides

Description of African Mail Order Brides


As you know, Africa is a warm continent, ranging from the Maghreb and ending with Cape Town, so the warmth of the summer breeze and also the passion of the tropical night is in the blood of local girls.


African girls are very different. They differ in character, behavior, temperament, physique, and they have different social position. There are many girls from rich African families who received education in Europe and the USA. A characteristic feature of most of the African women is respectful and reverent attitude towards a man, regardless of his age, physique, and (the most important) material status. However, there are exceptions, just like in everything in this world.


In communion with her, you rest from the cutesy, capricious, cold women of the North, besieged by the ideas of gender equality.


It is truly fantastic the way they communicate with you. You will not be bored and won’t be forced into thinking what to do even if you just sit at home and it’s raining outside. In communication, they are light, basically they do not burden the brain, and are very easy to contact. You will find a lot interesting topics for communication, and they will be even more excited if you show some real interest.  Southern temperament is the thing that will never let you get depressed if your chocolate Goddess is near, because she will help you relax with twerk dancing, songs and a lot of other things. They really know how to pleasure a man in multiple ways. Such is the parenting system they have since childhood. They learn how to respect and honor a man at a very early. 


African brides are great at cheering people up, but they are never depressed themselves either. This is truly unique, considering that most of them barely make any money and live in poor shelters. They just have the necessary energy and the will to live. It’s a thing that really differs them from women of other nations.


African women love to dance. It's in their blood. You can often see a girl walking down the street dancing. Even with luggage on her head. Africans dance in villages, in poor urban areas, discos and chic nightclubs - everywhere. They know how to dance easily and passionately. Dance is the soul of Africa.


Attitudes toward whites in Africa cannot be called unequivocal. On the one hand, there is the “national pride” of a black man. On the other - the desire to lighten skin and straighten hair. (African women spend hours on their hair. This is a source of pride for many). There are a lot of mixed marriages, so foreigners are more than welcome.


You should also know about some of the nuances with African Brides. For example, if you invite her on a date, there is no guarantee that she will actually come, even if she gave her promise. There are multiple reasons for, and one of them is rain. For some reason African women hate it. My guess would be because of their peculiar hairstyles. That being said, if you see clouds in the sky, then she will most likely miss the date. 


Some African women also have such a trait as a thoughtless attitude to a spoken word or promise. Both men and women. To promise something and not to do it is in the order of things in Africa. You should react to this correctly, because they won’t understand your complaints.


Therefore, having agreed on a date just wait and don’t worry about a thing. This is the main law in Africa. Just live without thinking. Like a baobab tree.


Another interesting thing about African brides is the questions they might ask you. For example, if you are already dating her,  then after standard greetings she might ask something like “did you eat today?”This is a normal question from an African girl. It is no secret that in Africans have a special attitude to food. It means a lot to them. You can just calmly answer that you did and move on. Food and love are 2 most important things for any African girl.


Appearance of a Typical African Woman


Forms of an average African girl are fantastically sculptural - and this is without any silicone, and fat, no folds or wrinkles on moire skin. Her movements are free and graceful, like those of a panther, and she breathes with the unfeigned, living energy of the hot sun and violent thunderstorms. In African girl, a man finds what primarily attracts him in a woman: natural femininity and sincere sensuality.


Clothing also plays a huge role in African life. African girls wear short skirts, jeans and T-shirts just like most girls around the world.A woman working in the police or at customs wears her uniform with dignity. But most of all, African women love national clothes: a dress or an intricate costume.


As a rule, such clothes are sewn to order. In addition, each girl strives to wear something special that would distinguish her from others. In Africa there are dozens of states and hundreds of nations with their own traditions and tastes. But most often an African dress is sewn from a bright, colorful fabric, sometimes with a huge portrait of a national leader in the most prominent place. The best African fabrics are made in England and Holland. It’s like their hips are  wrapped in the cloth, which emphasizes their relief and narrow waist. On shoulders there can be any intricate folds in the form of wings, and the neck is open in a wide cut-out, and, if they have enough funds, they also wear golden chain on their neck. They really like all sorts of jewelry.


African children do not eat sweets in childhood; they do not eat cakes and cotton candy in the park with their parents. Since childhood, they absorb a lot of fruit and chew sugar cane. And most of them have never even tried a cigarette. Therefore, all African girls have gorgeous white teeth. 

Most of the young African girls could be supermodels, but it is very difficult to leave the country, especially having no money.


Why do African Brides Prefer Foreigners?


 In the countryside, African women work on the fields, carries vegetables, collects brushwood, cooks food, washes, dries clothes, carries water, takes care of numerous children and her husband.


In large cities, girls are beginning to realize that having children is not the only task in life. Men are very proud of the large number of children and the fact that they will grow in poverty does not frighten them at all. Women are beginning to look for an opportunity to earn some and get out of poverty. African men are unhappy with it. Because of it, there are a lot of divorces in the country, even though Africa is a Muslim country. Unfortunately, after the divorce, the ex-husbands do not help materially and do not worry about the future of their children.


This is pretty frightening, so it is not surprising that foreigners are a much better choice for them.


Here are the most important reasons:


  • Stable life. Every single person in the world wants to have a stable life. African brides are no different. They want to be with a man who will earn enough money and take care about the family. They feel like most of the foreigners have what it takes to be successful. This doesn’t mean that this is the main reason, and they only want money, but it’s obviously very important for them;

  • Foreigners are a lot better in terms of looks. Most of them are good-looking, and they spend a lot of time on self-care. They regularly visit the gym and have a healthy lifestyle;

  • Another thing that African brides love about foreigners is their ambitions. They know that foreign men will do whatever it takes to reach their goal. They never give up and strive to get better every day.


All in all, they are just looking for a confident, resourceful, energetic, courteous man, who has a great sense of humor and will take care of the family.

Where to Look For African Mail Order Brides?


If you are looking for truly gorgeous African women, then you just must check out the mail order bride websites. They are made specifically to help you find beautiful girls abroad. Mail order brides are one of the best options to look for African brides, not only just because it has the best girls from the continent, but because Africa has a limited web presence. Some of the countries are just too poor and underdeveloped. It’s really unfortunate, because all of the African countries have a lot to offer for any foreigner. 


You can also look for African girls on some local websites. However, it doesn’t mean that you can buy them, because slavery is illegal. You can buy services in order to communicate with them, but not more than that.


Another thing that you should understand is that African brides themselves aren’t looking for buyers and sugar daddies, even despite the hard economic situation in the country. They are looking for serious relationships and good husbands. They expect you to be caring and honest, in other words, a true gentleman. If you don’t plan to treat your African love with enough respect, then you don’t have a chance.


It’s not as easy to find a real trustworthy dating agency in Africa as it is in other continents and countries. Therefore, if you decided to look for one, check out the reviews from other users and watch a couple videos before registering and depositing any money. This is because there are a lot of scammers who are offering African mail order brides for sale.


It might take some time to find your perfect African lady, but don’t give up, because no other woman can offer what they can. 


Besides, if you won’t have any luck finding your African princess online, you can always fly to Africa and look for girls in any place.


Here are the top-6 countries you should give a visit:



Morocco is an Islamic country, but it doesn’t mean that people here are overreligious and aren’t modern. It is quite easy to meet with a beautiful bride here, especially if you speak her language. Besides, there are a lot of cool places for the tourists, so you can be sure that you won’t be bored. The minus of this country are high prices, especially for nightclubs. However, if that isn’t a problem for you, then you can meet a lot of gorgeous girls, some of which even offer their sexual services right in the club.



In Ethiopia, the nightlife is present both in the capital Addis Ababa and in the periphery. On the periphery of most of the girls are modest and may meet just for the sake of communication, for something more you need a certain time. In the capital, girls are more looseness, but a significant part of them, and especially the most attractive will try to show off at your expense, and the night with such beauty is worth the money.



In the capital of Senegal, Dakar, the nightlife for the traveler is concentrated mainly in the center. There are a lot of attractive girls in clubs, but as in the case of Ethiopia, most of the tourists have their own interests. Perhaps you can get acquainted with a girl in Dakar without mercantile interests, but then you have to go to the club away from the center. Another plus is the presence of Dakar beach holiday.



Rwanda is among the safest African countries. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali, which is a very modern city by African standards. Tourists will have a chance to visit a lot of interesting places and won’t be bored. Kigali also has a number of decent clubs with sexy babes. Getting acquainted with the girl in Kigali clubs is not a big deal, both for serious relationships and one night love.



Uganda’s nightlife is concentrated mainly in the capital, Kampala. There is a casino and enough bars and nightclubs at various levels. Kampala is also very popular place for the lovers of sex tourism. As a result, nightclubs here can be divided into “love for money” and for those who like to hang out. For those who like to hang out, there are clubs of the average European level with several dance floors.



Kenya is the number one African country in terms of nightlife. Pretty much everything is concentrated in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi and in the resort town of Mombasa. In the capital, the girls are more capricious and demanding. As for Mombasa, everything is much simpler there, plus the city is located on the shores of the ocean, so that nightlife can be combined with a beach holiday. Mombasa gives you a great opportunity to get love for money, but it is not much more difficult to just meet a girl and develop normal relations with her. Girls here are quite sociable and can start flirting with you themselves. Many girls in Kenya believe that they will meet a generous white guy who will marry her and take her to his country of residence. 


Difference in Mentality


When communicating with an African girl, you should be aware of the difference in mentalities. What is in the order of things for them can easily be unacceptable for you. The attitude of the most African brides is positive and careless. As they say "sex is not a reason for dating." It is very hard to find a loyal girl here. Rules and propriety here are completely different from European and American ones.


There are several factors to consider: 1)Age and character of the girl(older girls will treat you more seriously); 2) Whether she was born in Africa; 3)The presence of children.


European and American brides can easily live without sex for a couple days, while an African woman experiences a natural break, like a drug addict. She just can’t live without it for longer than a day. A European woman can suffer for a loved one and wait for him, while African women are suffering physically. If you are not around at this critical moment, then there will be a consolation quickly. It is like emergency medical care for a heart attack.


Another important fact is that your social status isn’t really important for African women. They are very romantic in this regard. The man can be a poor beggar and still get his dose of female love.